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PRE-ORDER NOW: Pasture-raised Lamb
  • Our lamb is pasture raised and supplemented with high-quality, hormone-free grain with no hormones, ever.  


    Whole and Half Shares are available for Fall. 


    Half Lamb Shares total 15-16lb and include the following cuts: 

    • 1 Rack of Lamb (8 ribs)
    • 4 Loin chops (2 pkg of 2 chops)
    • 2 Leg shanks
    • 1 Leg roast
    • 1 Shoulder roast
    • 2 lbs Ground Lamb (approximate weight)


    $17.00/lb + $50.00 in Butchering fees 


    $50 deposit for half-share.  

    PRE-ORDER NOW: Pasture-raised Lamb

    • We will notify you when your lamb is available this fall.  Availability dates begin in September.

      Pickup from our farm is always preferred. 

      Local delivery in Tewksbury and Whitehouse Station, NJ is available upon request - please contact us for delivery options.

      Shipping is available.  Please contact us for shipping costs.  

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